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Hire the Wedding DJ Professional...Not Just an Average DJ


There is a HUGE difference between a true 'Wedding DJ' and a DJ that also does the occasional wedding. Why trust your wedding to the average DJ...choose the professional. Side One Sound Wedding DJ Service is well known throughout the community as the top rated service for providing professional, enjoyable, cohesive wedding events. Side One Sound is proud to be the only local DJ service endorsed by the National Association of Mobile Entertainers and is highly recommended by many other professionals in the wedding industry.

Drawing on the over 14 years of personal experience serving hundreds of clients, Side One Sound has the skill set, knowledge and experience you can trust to make your unique wedding a complete success. Kevin is not only an outstanding professional emcee, but also a very talented DJ with a complementary knowledge and understanding of music.

The most common desire for the client is an enjoyable and memorable event for the benefit of their guests. For this reason, I approach every event with the highest regard for professionalism. Punctual, well dressed and prepared, I am always conscious of music volume levels, audience response and your expectations. Rest assured, I never do anything to embarrass you, your guests, or myself at your event. Side One Sound provides each client the opportunity to fully customize their event and then practices an extreme level of attentiveness to assure a successful outcome.

My extensive music selection spans all generations to assist in accomplishing lasting memories for every guest in attendance. In addition, Side One Sound uses the highest quality audio equipment to accomplish crystal clear, clean sounding music, which can be easily and comfortably heard by everyone in attendance. The attention to detail and genuine desire to provide a flawless event is unmatched.



The Reception Special Events


As your personal Master of Ceremonies, I will work to coordinate all parts of your reception. You will have the ability to customize these or any other special events so they match your individual style. I encourage you to put your own unique spin on the reception to ensure it’s exactly what you want...after all, you’re wedding day is a once in a lifetime event.


Formal Introductions...

Your grand entrance to the reception should be memorable. Make it your own and customize your introductions by selecting the music to be used at this time. This will be the first time you will be formally introduced as Mr and Mrs and it is also the time to introduce to your guests those special people in your life that you have chosen to be a part of your big day.

Cutting of the Cake...

The wedding cake has been a long standing tradition which spans the globe. Working with your photographer, we will make sure your guests are informed that it is time to cut the cake which will ensure that the moments are captured for you to treasure forever.


Father and Bride Dance...

There's nothing more heartwarming than a bride dancing with her proud father.  The wedding day signals a transition in the relationship between a father and daughter. This dance is the perfect way to honor your father in front of all your guests.  Choose a song that is special to you or one that represents the relationship you share with your father.

The Bridal Party Dance...

The Bridal Party Dance usually has a "friends" theme to celebrate everyone's shared love for the bride and groom. It is also a way for the new bride and groom to thank those who have been such a big part of their lives and also of their special day.

The Bouquet Toss...

Also dating back to the 14th Century, it is often believed that the lucky lady who catches the bouquet will be the next to marry. As you turn your back to the crowd and toss the bouquet, we'll leave it up to the lucky recipient to decide if she wants to marry the gentleman that caught the garter.

The Dollar Dance...

The Dollar Dance is said to have originated in Poland as a way to give the new couple some extra money for their future.  It is a fun way for guests to pay a dollar to have a few private moments with the new couple and wish them well.  The choice is entirely up to you to include this dance at your reception or not.




The Toast and Prayer...

For the toasts and prayer, you'll have the freedom to do it anywhere in the room with my all wireless microphone system. Using only the best in microphone technology allows your Best Man and Maid or Matron of Honor to speak with confidence. After all, you want to be absolutely certain your guests will not miss a single memorable word of the toast and prayer.

Your First Dance...

You will be the center of attention as you take the dance floor together for the first time as husband and wife.  Relish the moment, it's one that you and your family and friends will always remember.  Choose a song that has a special meaning to you as a couple.


Mother and Groom Dance...

Weddings are a momentous occasion for both families.  The Mother / Groom dance is the perfect way for the Groom to honor and thank his mother for her love and support during those earlier years. It also gives his mother a special moment in the spotlight with her newly married son.  You should choose a song that is significant and personal  to both of you.

The Garter Toss...

The Garter Toss is a tradition believed to have been started by the French in the 14th century. As the groom takes his position for the removal of the garter, rest assured all the bachelors present will be anxiously waiting for the groom to toss it there way.

The Anniversary Dance...

The Anniversary dance is a wonderful time to invite all married couples to the dance floor as a celebration of marriage.  As the song plays, couples remain on the dance floor according to the number of years they've been married, until the longest married couple are remaining.















Wedding Testimonials


Taken from past clients, below is just a sampling of some of the words or phrases used by them to describe their wedding experience with Side One Sound. For more, check out the Testimonials tab.


The Wedding Ceremony


Side One Sound offers the additional equipment, music, microphones and experience you need to pull off the perfect wedding ceremony.

Are you planning a unique outdoor ceremony or planning on having the ceremony and reception in the same venue? Not to worry, Side One Sound has you covered!! If you're planning on having musicians play during the ceremony, I have the capability of providing the sound amplification necessary to ensure all your guests can hear the muscians perfectly.

I will work with you to help plan the ceremony and offer assitance on music selections if needed. I also have special equipment dedicated soley for wedding ceremonies so even if you're having the ceremony and reception in two different locations, there will be a smooth transition from one to the other.


This Could Be You!


Dance The Night Away!









Music & Planning Resources


Do you need assistance in selecting just the right song for your First Dance or other specialty dances? Click the link below.

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Do you have a love for music? If so, you'll enjoy browsing over the list of the most requested songs of 2012.

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To ensure you stay on track with your wedding and honeymoon plans, here is a comprehensive planning timeline.

Planning Timeline




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